Product supplier

A continence product supplier sells products direct to the public. Many continence product suppliers offer home delivery as they understand that some people prefer to purchase continence products through the privacy of their own home. 

Product manufacturer

A continence product manufacturer produces continence products, which are usually sold to the public via a continence product supplier. If you use a specific continence product and would like to find out the closest supplier to you contact the manufacturer of the product for further information. 

Please note that these directories are not exhaustive, and exclude pharmacies (chemists) and supermarkets, which also supply continence products. Please read our disclaimer.

Need help finding the right continence product?

Choosing the product that's right for you may be confusing. If you are uncertain or need help please contact the National Continence Helpline on 1800 33 00 66


Last Updated: Thu 05, Aug 2021
Last Reviewed: Tue 31, Mar 2020